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  • Dragon's Eggs

    Dragon's Eggs. WARNING AND DISCLAIMER: If you are underage, then consult with your parents or guardians before attempting any of this. You are on ...

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  • Magnalium

    Properties. Alloys with smaller amounts of magnesium (about 5%) exhibit greater strength, greater corrosion resistance, and lower density than pure aluminium.

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  • Painting the Sky

    Notes on Fireworks Contact email for this site is: LadyKate. I am the pyro dummy, fusing, running, shooting... maneuvers calculated brilliantly

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  • Compositions

    Yellow Magnalium Rocket . Source: Dave Stoddard (Skylighter newsletter) This isn't a very spectacular rocket. It looks a lot like a BP version ...

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  • Chemicals

    For those wishing to experiment with compositions, chemicals can be hard to find. Because of this, many pyros guard their sources jealously. Here I will ...

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  • Impact Firecrackers

    Impact Firecrackers 1 Introduction Impact Firecrackers results from several years of experimentation with different methods of making oldfashioned toy ...

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  • Making German Dark Aluminum Powder From Foil

     · Now that you have included your charcoal it's time to ball mill for approximately 2025 minutes. You need to add the foil shreds portion by ...

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  • How to Make a Black Powder Rocket

    "4ounce" rockets? What does that mean? How can I make a rocket? Well, if you're interested in the history of the term and some further background ...

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